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Dante's Rock Phase


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A Very Reliable Performer

Whooper Swan

Beeves Rock



Beeves Rock

Photographs, 106 x 86cm each

Beeves Rock portrays a sense of melancholy inherent in the decay of local architectural structures,

A lighthouse in the Shannon Estuary is only accessible by boat and built in 1855 as a habitable structure

to guide boats into Limerick Port. the structure is now unmanned and isolated, a functional structure left

isolated by the progression of modernity.

            The flow and ebb of displaced people moves along the

routes that were shaped to take produce to distant markets. Some
passed Beeves Rock where in 1855 a lighthouse was built to guide
ships up and down the Shannon and on to the Atlantic. Those who
tended the light would live on the rock, two months on, one month off.
But the Rock would have an even shorter history of habitation than the
bleak uplands and in 1933, following automation, its keepers left.With
changing patterns of global traffic the likelihood is that soon the great
lantern will itself be extinguished, the work of its revolving, dependable
beam achieved through other means. Save for the occasional sightseer,
the Rock will become itself again.

            The marks that habitation and industry left on these remote
places now seem frail. In the long term and against the history of other
places their story might seem brief and inconsequential but if those
histories are left unwritten, themoment of abandonment and loss will have
been eloquently recorded in these photographs.They speak of a time when
these quiet places were poised, once more, between culture and nature.

            John Logan